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Get information about Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

View Marshfield Clinic Health System's hub for the latest information and common questions about coronavirus and COVID-19.

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We’re Open: Services return and safety continues.

At Marshfield Children’s, we put your family’s safety, health and well-being at the forefront of every decision we make during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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You can prevent the flu from spreading

Contact any Marshfield Clinic Health System location for information on how to get your flu shot. 

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The Rounds: Going back to school during COVID-19

Pediatrician Dr. Edna DeVries joins the podcast to discuss some of the most common questions and concerns about the upcoming school year.

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COVID-19: Helping families in need

The Marshfield Child Advocacy Center is providing services to children and their families during this time of need.

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Christopher Redford, 1, of Chippewa Falls

Christopher Redford is an active little guy. He enjoys being outdoors, going down slides and playing in sandboxes. 

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From bedridden to walking

Jacob Hassler was a normal kid until one day he got hit in the stomach. After that, nothing was the same. 

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Juniper Paulson, 6, of Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Juniper is 6 years old and enjoys getting muddy and dirty in her Rice Lake community. Being on the lake with her family and friends is one of her favorite things to do. 

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Will Krause, 11, of Marshfield, Wisconsin

Will Krause loves hanging outside with his brother Benjamin. Together they enjoy the Northwoods on vacation, whether it be tubing on the lake or zip lining over it. 

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Caitlin, Colton and Chelsie of Plover, Wisconsin

When you look at Caitlin, Colton and Chelsie, you see average kids. What bonds this family even closer together is their extraordinary experiences.

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Ethan Lehman, 10 of Plover, Wisconsin

One day Ethan was playing in the woods like any other kid his age when a tree branch broke and fell on him. The afternoon adventure suddenly turned into an experience every parent fears. 

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Beating the odds with a smile

Keisha Jackson was referred to Marshfield Children's Hospital when she found out her unborn baby was seriously growth restricted.  

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For The Love Of Kids

We offer more than 30 pediatric subspecialities in an environment to provide care for kids that goes beyond medical treatment.

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