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Will Krause, 11, of Marshfield, Wisconsin

Will Krause loves hanging outside with his brother Benjamin. Together they enjoy the Northwoods on vacation, whether it be tubing on the lake or zip lining over it. 

For his parents, Dave and Becky Krause, they would not have it any other way. But their life stopped when Will was first diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of three. With the help of Marshfield Children’s, he beat that cancer. However, he was diagnosed with cancer again in March 2019 - this time with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Dr. Michael McManus, pediatric oncologist with Marshfield Children’s, has led his care since his first bout with cancer.

Will’s family and friends are again stepping up to help him through this new journey. His family and care team have encouraged him to continue to live life as a kid. He and his friends have been hanging out at arcades, enjoying the outdoors and having sleepovers.  

Along with those typical 11-year-old activities, Will has been receiving his chemotherapy treatments at Treyden’s Cabin. Built in memory of Treyden Kurtzweil with generous donations from the community, this pediatric oncology space was designed specifically for kids and families. The unique outpatient waiting and patient rooms feature wildlife scenes with forest murals, campfires, hidden animals and movies to make children and families comfortable and entertained during their infusions and care. For Will, it reminds him of being up North with his brother.

Whenever Will comes to Treyden’s Cabin or Marshfield Children’s Hospital, he is greeted by our child life specialists. They also have many fun activities while he is in the hospital to take his mind off everything going on. They help him understand the procedures he will have to put all of his fears at bay. Support for Marshfield Children’s programs by Children’s Miracle Network means there is never a cost to patients to use child life services. 

Child Life helped Will when he needed port surgery to have his port-a-cath placed. This was done at Marshfield Children’s Hospital through a partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. This partnership allows pediatric patients to receive surgery from a pediatric surgeon in Marshfield, close to home with family and friends. Follow-up care was provided by Sarah Collins. She is a nurse practitioner at Marshfield Children’s Hospital that is trained to provide surgical follow-up care for children.  

During his first battle with cancer, Will’s family realized they could do more to help families affected by cancer. They created the Krause Family Pediatric Cancer Angel Fund. This fund provides financial support to pediatric oncology patients and their families for non-medical needs like lodging, groceries, transportation, meals, car maintenance, rent expenses and survivorship programs. Will and Ben work together to raise awareness and support for childhood cancer care and research, doing everything from selling slime to shaving their heads for the cause. In 2018, the brothers received a Youth in Philanthropy Award for their dedication to giving back. They do it so families can rest easier and allow their child to be a kid – just like Will.

Will receives much of his care through Marshfield Children’s to keep him healthy and to keep him playing outside with his brother.

For the love of kids.