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Child Development Center

We provide one location for children with complex neurological and early childhood behavioral problems to get the care they need.

The Child Development Center provides multispecialty care for children with complex neurological problems and childhood behavioral concerns. 

We offer a comprehensive system of care that includes coordinated evaluation, ongoing treatment, advocacy and education throughout childhood. 

Specialized services to fit your child’s needs 

Complex neurobehavioral problems affect children differently than adults. We tailor each child’s treatment according to their developmental needs.

We offer a team approach to maximize excellence in quality care. This approach decreases multiple visits with other specialties. Your child receives care, often in one day and at one location.

The Child Development Center requires a referral from your child’s primary doctor for most of these services. It is important to include primary doctors when evaluating your child. Contact us for more information by calling 1-800-782-8581, ext. 9-5500. 

These Child Development Center clinics specialize in the evaluation, treatment and management of neurobehavioral conditions:

Noah shows anything is possible

Noah was born with spina bifida, a condition which causes the spinal cord to form incorrectly. He has undergone 19 surgeries at Marshfield Children’s Hospital and endured many hospital stays. Noah also has a shunt to control his hydrocephalus, a complication of spina bifida which causes fluid to build up on the brain.

Even though Noah primarily uses a wheelchair, he’s never let that stop him.

Noah enjoys sports, camping, fishing, telling jokes, and helping others. He inspires everyone he meets by sharing his story and proving that with grit, determination and kindness, anything is possible.

These Child Development Center clinics specialize in the evaluation, treatment and management of neurobehavioral conditions:

Autism clinic

For children 5–17 years old with possible Autism Spectrum Disorder, or for a re-evaluation of autism. Assessment provides an intensive multidisciplinary approach, including medical, neuropsychological, child psychology, speech and language pathology and occupational therapy evaluations.

ADHD clinic

For children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Ongoing medication management for children and a variety of educational resources for parents are provided. While no cure is available for ADHD, this service provides ways to cope with and manage your child’s ADHD-related difficulties.

Behavioral clinic

For infants and young children, provides a short-term behavioral assessment and intervention. The evaluation is family-centered, strength-based and looks at individual differences in temperament, such as whether the child is easy going, difficult or shy. 

Child neurodiagnostic clinic

For children 5–17 years old with concerns related to inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. This assessment also determines whether common coexisting conditions are present such as learning disabilities, oppositional defiant disorder and/or conduct disorder.

Developmental clinic

For toddlers and preschoolers 1–4 years old, who are not meeting developmental, motor, language or social-emotional milestones. A child’s initial appointment will include an evaluation by a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, a speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist.

Special needs clinic

For children with cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disease or a developmental disability with prominent motor involvement. This multidisciplinary service focuses on individualized assessments and follow-up evaluations with specialized providers and therapists who specialize in caring for children with these concerns.

Spina Bifida clinic

For children from newborn to 18 years old with spina bifida/myelomeningocele and related problems. The convenient, single-day format provides a comprehensive evaluation for children. Treatment will address medical, neurological, developmental, bowel and bladder, orthopedic, nutritional, educational and equipment needs.