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Community Health

We deliver new approaches for better health where our children belong – in our communities.

Center for Community Health Advancement creates programs and works with partners and communities to meet specific health needs and help develop healthy environments that foster resilient, successful children.

Our team helps communities by working with local stakeholders like schools, county programs and many others to improve the community’s health.

Health priorities for our communities include:

Alcohol and substance abuse

By actively engaging youth within communities, we aim to reduce alcohol and substance abuse. For example, Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth brings together more than 40 organizations in efforts to reduce and prevent underage drinking, prescription drug abuse, heroin use and marijuana use by youth in and around Marshfield. Click the link below to learn about other programs aimed at reducing alcohol and substance abuse.

Behavioral health

We take an active approach to behavioral health by bringing services directly into our communities. Our b.e.s.t. program works with more than 80 elementary schools to help identify and reinforce children’s positive behavioral development. We provide interventions for children with elevated health risks and help teachers develop focused interventions for children with targeted needs. Click the link below to learn about other programs tackling behavioral health issues in communities we serve.

Chronic disease

The best way to prevent chronic disease is to change habits during childhood. A twice-yearly Teen Health Conference provides interactive activities, education and resources to high school teens on health topics. Click the link below to learn about other programs that reduce chronic disease.

Social determinants of health

Our health is determined partially by the community we live in, based on its health care, education and economic stability. For example, our Youth Net program provides Marshfield-area children with personal learning plans promoting academic success, personal/social development, mental health and healthy active living. By partnering with AmeriCorps, we have replicated this program to impact more than 1,000 additional children throughout our service area. Click the link below to learn about other programs that address social determinants of health.