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Your Child's Annual Visit

Providing care for children is much more than giving a wellness exam or checking vitals. We believe in providing care beyond treatment.

As a parent, you are a crucial member of your child’s care team. We value your insights because you know everything there is to know about your child. We also know that without you, getting through shots without crying would never be a possibility.

With your help, Marshfield Children’s provides complete care for your child from birth through adulthood when, where and how you want it by offering:

  • Wellness exams and immunizations available during check-ups for optimal preventive care.
  • Flexible, convenient and quick care for common health conditions through the Care My Way app.
  • Convenient access to specialists nearby through in-person and telemedicine health care services.
  • Walk-in and extended hour options at our regional centers.
  • Pediatric support services to help children and families heal emotionally and physically.
  • Urgent care and emergency department access at our hospitals, and access to the pediatric specialty care provided by Marshfield Children’s Hospital.


Preventive Care

As a part of your child’s annual visit, we will work with you to help prevent common conditions that affect children. This includes providing immunizations that protect from common diseases, suggestions on how to make a safe environment for your child and discussing concerns about childhood obesity.

Immunizations and Childhood Diseases

The most important step we can take to protect your child from common diseases is to provide vaccinations.

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Accidents account for a large percentage of childhood deaths. If you have any concerns, your child’s primary care doctor can talk with you about ways to make a safe environment.

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If there are concerns about childhood obesity, your child’s pediatrician can discuss ways to provide healthy diets and regular exercise to your child.

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