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Parent and Family Advisory Council

Who We Are

Our Parent and Family Advisory Council at Marshfield Children’s is based on the idea that our providers and health care teams are only able to provide the best health care possible by listening to feedback and opinions of the patients and families we serve.

The Advisory Council is made up of volunteer parents or loved ones who are part of a child’s care team. Your first-hand experience gives us invaluable insight and a unique perspective on opportunities that exist within our health system to better serve our younger patients. 

What We Do

Members of the Advisory Council help Marshfield Children’s improve how our providers and health care teams interact with each child or teen who comes through our doors. From how our patient rooms and facilities are designed to how our educational handouts are created, the focus is on putting patients and families first.

When attending an Advisory Council meeting, our council members help in many ways. They may be asked to share their loved one’s health care journey with doctors or identify areas of improvement that can help ensure our young patients have a voice in key decisions.

We meet virtually for one-hour meetings four to six times per year. The Advisory Council includes representatives from system leaders, providers and staff. As a member, we ask you to serve a two-year term.

Our Accomplishments

Within our Marshfield Clinic Health System Parent and Family Advisory Council, the following improvements have been made because of insight from our members:

  • Provided input for a new patient-centered training program.
  • Discussed preferences for lab appointment scheduling options.
  • Identified ways to improve and expand Telehealth services.
  • Developed content for positive first impressions poster.
  • Reflected on patient perception of waiting room cleaning procedures.

How To Join

Our providers and health care teams invite you to be a part of our Pediatric Patient and Family Advisory Council. 

To sign up, fill out the application form below. You will be contacted by a Patient Experience team member who will share more about this opportunity and ask a few questions to get to know you better.

If you want additional information, please reach out to our team via email at

Apply now

Other opportunities to provide your feedback

In addition to our Pediatric Parent and Family Advisory Council, we value patient feedback in a variety of other ways and on many different topics. If you are willing to be contacted for other feedback opportunities, please complete the form using the link below.

Learn more about our Customer Feedback Panel