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Medical Genetics

Providing children with genetic evaluations so they can be evaluated for underlying genetic conditions that could affect their health.

Your child’s well-being is important, and our pediatric genetic counselors understand this. They are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your child’s genetics.

Your child’s pediatrician will work with a genetic counselor to deliver quality care where, when and how you want it by offering:

  • Access to a genetic counselor in person or via telemedicine that will help you:
    • Decide whether genetic testing is needed.
    • Understand the results of genetic tests.
    • Anticipate effects of a genetic condition for the individual and family.
    • Coordinate care for individuals of families with genetic disorders.
  • Care backed by the specialists and care team of Marshfield Children’s Hospital.

Daina Shilts' story is just one example

The 27-year-old central Wisconsin native was born with a rare genetic disorder affecting her heart, appearance and cognitive ability. Though this disease has challenged Shilts throughout her life, it has never defined her.

This is a story of grit, perseverance, family and the transformative power of sport. This is the story of Daina Shilts.

Pediatrics and prenatal medical genetics

A genetic evaluation is appropriate for children with:

  • Developmental delay.
  • Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Multiple health problems or birth defects.
  • History of seizures or muscle concerns.
  • Abnormal physical features.
  • Personal or family history of a known or suspected genetic condition.

Prenatal medical genetics

Women/couples who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant may see a genetic counselor for reasons including:

  • Personal or family history of a known or suspected genetic condition.
  • Abnormal ultrasound finding.
  • Ethnicity-based carrier screening.
  • History of multiple pregnancy losses.
  • Discussion of prenatal screening or diagnostic test results.
  • Advanced maternal age as the chance for certain genetic conditions may be increased.
  • Exposure during pregnancy, which may increase the risk for birth defects.

Specialty clinics and medical genetics

Marshfield Children's has many multi-disciplinary teams focused on treating patients with specific health conditions, including:

Genetics plays an important role in these conditions, and meeting with a genetic counselor may be part of your care within these specialty clinics.