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Behavioral Health

Providing support for children and adolescents with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and many other disorders that affect their behavioral health.

Your child’s well-being is important, and our pediatric psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and advanced practice nurses understand this. They are dedicated to eliminating or limiting the effects of behavioral health disorders on your child’s life.

Your child’s pediatrician will work with your behavioral health specialist to deliver quality care where, when and how you want it by offering:

Outpatient services

Treatment for behavioral health conditions is available through our outpatient services. Local access to specialists in person is available in Marshfield and Eau Claire, with additional services available through telemedicine. Behavioral health services are available 24/7 for patients that see a member of our team.

Primary Care Behavioral Health

Our behavioral health team is integrated into your child’s care. We provide behavioral health services including annual screenings during your child’s annual visit with their primary doctor and same-day, 15-minute consults to answer behavioral health questions. We also offer behavioral health services to help children and parents when dealing with a serious health condition.

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Behavioral health services at Marshfield Children’s Hospital

When your child is hospitalized at our Marshfield Children’s Hospital, our pediatric psychologists are available to provide behavioral health consultations during admission. 

Our behavioral health specialists treat many conditions including:

Child Development Center

We offer comprehensive care for children with complex neurological and early childhood behavioral problems through our Child Development Center. Our behavioral health specialists are available to offer support to individuals that partake in any of the clinics available through the Center.

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