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Providing children with diagnosis and treatment options for childhood heart conditions and defects.

Your child’s well-being is important and our board-certified pediatric cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons understand this. They are dedicated to eliminating or limiting the effects of childhood heart conditions on your child’s life.

Your child’s pediatrician will work with your cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon to deliver quality care where, when and how you want it by offering:

Daina Shilts' story is just one example

The 27-year-old central Wisconsin native was born with a rare genetic disorder affecting her heart, appearance and cognitive ability. Though this disease has challenged Shilts throughout her life, it has never defined her.

This is a story of grit, perseverance, family and the transformative power of sport. This is the story of Daina Shilts.


Our cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons treat many conditions and diseases including:

Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Multispecialty Clinic

Marshfield Children’s is the only place in the nation that provides comprehensive care for patients with BBS.

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Lifestyle Management Clinic

Our Lifestyle Management Clinic addresses unhealthy eating habits as a child to help improve overall health into adulthood.

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Adult congenital heart disease

Many children born with congenital heart disease need care into adulthood. Our pediatric cardiologists can continue care with these adult patients.