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About us

Our mission

To enhance interagency cooperation in the investigations of child abuse and neglect and ultimately promote healing of child abuse through the collaboration of expert representatives from a multitude of community agencies. This thoughtful and collegial process will aid individual agencies as well as the cumulative community response team to be self-reflective and analytical about the response to child victimization; provide an arena for multidisciplinary joint decision making and cross-training; stimulate system improvement; and facilitate a pathway for global resilience including the child, caregivers and the community response team.

Our team

We are championed by a board-certified pediatrician who specializes in caring for children who are potential victims of abuse. The pediatrician also provides consultation services to other physicians for children hospitalized with suspicious injuries. Our team of dedicated individuals includes a social worker/forensic interviewer, behavioral health specialists, medical assistant, education specialist, manager, program manager and administrative secretary.

Partnering with the community

We partner with community agencies with common goals of improving investigations, prosecution and healing of child abuse. This is done through the collaboration of expert representatives including but not limited to:

  • Physicians
  • Social workers
  • Child protective services
  • Law enforcement
  • District attorney
  • Victim advocates
  • Behavioral health
  • Therapists
  • Education specialists
  • Recreational therapists

These partners work collaboratively on cases of suspected abuse in order to maximize the integrity and outcome of the investigation while providing the best possible experience for the child and their families.

In addition to ongoing communication during active investigations, members of the teams from Wood and Clark counties meet monthly to review local cases. We host and facilitate this meeting with goals of improving processes for investigations through discussion of cases, reinforcing the value of member agency roles and providing direction on varying topics in child abuse and neglect.

Our history

Marshfield Clinic Health System has a rich history of providing Child Advocacy services for Wood County and its neighbors dating back to 1963. We were integral in the development of state laws, including the Child Abuse Reporting Act s.b. 414 signed into law in 1978. In the mid-2000s, a coalition of community agencies came together to begin development of a Child Advocacy Center for Wood County. In April 2009, the Marshfield Child Advocacy Center officially opened its doors. On an annual basis, we serve 19 counties in Central and Northern Wisconsin. We are accredited through the National Children’s Alliance in recognition of adherence to nationwide standards focused on ensuring that child abuse victims receive effective, efficient and compassionate services.

Main campus:

Marshfield Medical Center (Medical Offices), GB-1
1000 N. Oak Ave.
Marshfield, WI 54449

Hayward satellite campus: